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Offering an array of creative and innovative building design solutions, and project management consultancy services.


Project Management Consultants & Evaluation

Our Project Management Consulting services consist of an array of advantages applied to projects throughout the project cycle. Our project and construction managers get engaged in the project early on during the design phases. The aim is always to provide fully integrated consultancy services from inception and through handing over and delivering a superior product that is in line with the Client’s budget, schedule, and expectations, as well as industry high standards. We are appointed professionally by many more cooperative societies as Project Management Consultants/Architect for the preparation of Feasibility Report & for the direction of procedure suggested by Govt. in GR.

MHADA Housing Layouts

Government policy makers and layout designing

We have been appointed to the panel of MHADA (Mumbai Board) and have registered for the panel of MHADA (Pune Board). Alongwith, continuous follow ups and discussions on government policies with the respective authorities, we are Layout Architects for various MHADA Layouts too. In order to make the projects in our city achievable, we work hand-in-hand with the concerned authorities as consultants for the formation or amendments to various DCPR Policies and Layouts.


Architectural designing/Planning with liasioning

In today’s construction world, architecture encompasses planning, designing, and construction of buildings and structures that optimally reflect technical, functional, and aesthetic aspects. These aspects should adhere to legalities imposed by the relevant statutory bodies. Shilp Associates offers architectural consulting services from conception to liaison. Whether it is a large or small project, commercial or residential, we emphasize on understanding your goals and then putting in our expertise and creativity to bring out the most feasible and innovative architectural design. Our experienced team works hand-in-hand with you right from conception through construction, adding value and optimizing your investment. Due to a better understanding of housing and construction policies, our liaison experts collaborate deeply to achieve outstanding results for you. The competence of Shilp associates to provide all architectural services under one roof enables our team to achieve optimum results towards signature architectural projects for our clients and end-users while making meaningful and sustainable contributions to our communities.


Due Diligence

We are associated with some of the well-known financial institutions for due diligence services. For our due diligence projects, we follow up on various compliances from the authorities. We check if the project is progressing in a specified manner and in the timeline specified in the compliances and as assured by the developer. Our report helps the banks to release funding to the respective developers and further in smooth progress of the project.

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Offering Fully Integrated Consultancy Services

Being a process-driven firm, our goal is to work with the client every step of the way. From inception to completion, we ensure the end-product complies with industry standards, and meets the client’s budget and schedule.

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Compliance with Policy Makers & Authorities

We work in tandem with government authorities to ensure our projects comply with policies and
layouts and exhibit safety in design. We have been doing this successfully for more than 24 years.

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Architectural Services Under One Roof

From conception through construction, you can rely on us to achieve outstanding architectural outcomes, sustainable design, and meaningful structure.

Our deliverables have added advantages


This phase transforms vision to a versatile concept to safeguard from external variables and to lay a solid foundation for implementation


Our full proof planning helps effective stakeholder management with complete transparency. This helps in optimising resources at every detailed level of the project


Execution contains maximum asset creation from actual available resources keeping strategic objectives intact under scheduled timelines generating highest revenues from the project

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