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Our Project Management Consulting services consist of an array of advantages applied to projects throughout the project cycle. Our project and construction managers get engaged in the project early on during the design phases. The aim is always to provide fully integrated consultancy services from inception and through handing over and delivering a superior product that is in line with the Client’s budget, schedule, and expectations, as well as industry high standards. We are appointed professionally by many more cooperative societies as Project Management Consultants/Architect for the preparation of Feasibility Report & for the direction of procedure suggested by Govt. in GR.

Phase I

  1. The society has to pass a resolution in favour of redevelopment at the general body meeting.
  2. The society will then advertise their project in newspapers or by word of mouth to invite bids from interested Project Management Consultants to guide them throughout the redevelopment of their project. The interested PMCs submit their company profile, the scope of work & professional fees for the project.
  3. On finalization and appointment as PMC for the society, we at shilp associates collect documents from the society to evaluate the project. We coordinate with the Society, Developer, Legal Advisor or any other person to ensure smooth and speedy completion of the project. 
  4. We study the DCPR 2034 regulations and identify the respective policy in which the project fits.
  5. We then study the documents in detail and convey the to society in case of any pending, missing, or additionally required documents. We also inform the society to provide us with various remarks such as DP Remarks, Survey Remarks, Aviation NOC etc. Once, all documents from the society are made available to us, we compile all data and prepare feasibility to evaluate the profits the respective project is making.
  6. We then prepare an interim project report of which a hard copy is submitted to the society committee and are invited to our office to explain the report and solve any queries from the society and clear all pending discrepancies from the society for preparing the final project report. The final project report is then, submitted to the society committee which is circulated among individual members of the society.
  7. The project report is then presented to the society members in person by us and all remaining queries of all members are solved at that time.
  8.  Further, the society appoints a solicitor who guides them through the legal process and inspects the tender draft. We provide the society with the tender draft and invite suggestions from the society and solicitor.
  9. The final project tender is announced in the newspapers and interested bidders(developers/promoters) are invited to purchase the tenders at a fixed. On receipt of the tender copies along with the bidders’ company profiles, undertaken project details, financial proofs, documents and offers made to society members with tentative plans, sections, and elevations, the same are given to PMC by the society for comparing all the offers and credentials of the bidders.
  10. The comparative statement is submitted to the society and the society may further take a call on which bidder do they want to shortlist. We assist the society during negotiations and discussion on the bid offers the shortlisted bidders have submitted.

Phase II

  1. We prepare and assist the society in finalizing necessary documents such as various agreements, Letters of Intent, technical as well as other details, Development Agreement, etc. This will be done by coordinating with the Society and its Legal Advisor. Additionally, we assist, review, and advise the Developer regarding the Project Plan to be prepared by the Developer. 
  2. We then check and approve detailed Building Plans/Drawings etc. (e.g.       Conceptual Drawings, Presentation of detailed Drawings, Working       Drawings, Detail Drawings, etc.) Prepared by developers, as per the norms and as may be needed for the purpose of obtaining necessary permissions from various competent authorities to carry out construction activity. 
  3. Shilp Associates works closely with the Society and the Developer to get the plans approved by various competent authorities. The Developer shall be responsible for the approval and the PMC needs to coordinate with the       Developer and assist the Developer in answering technical queries etc. 
  4. We then, advise the Society to vacate the building before demolition and carry out all the formalities with the Developer as and when. We verify and ensure that the various permissions obtained by the developers are in order and are in the interest of the Society. 
  5. We check and approve all relevant drawings and documents prepared and/or submitted by the Developer to complete the entire scope of the Redevelopment Project activity defined in the Tender document, Development Agreement, and any mandatory procedures required not covered in the above documents but are necessary to complete the project.

Phase III

  1. We monitor and supervise the construction activity by timely periodic supervision visits to maintain the strict quality control as provided in the Tender document and Development Agreement.
  2. During the construction, we ensure the construction activity, the quality of work, are the materials used as prescribed and mentioned, are the amenities provided as per the Development agreement and industry standards. We will timely verify and ascertain the fulfillment of all the conditions mentioned in the various agreement. We will update and advise from time to time, the Society and the Developer regarding the work, quality, delays etc. 
  3. We arrange for regular meetings with Society representatives (Quarterly/by- Quarterly) at the Site office / PMC’s office to give details of the work completed by that date. 
  4. We ensure compliance of all formalities and legalities from commencement to completion of the project including obtaining completion and occupation certificates, etc. as may be necessary. We abide by the law of the land and carry out the detailed activities diligently and efficiently to protect the interest of the Society.

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