Addressing a Growing Range of Complex Projects
Our success mantra is a seamless integration of ethical practices, analysis of every project, technical excellence in government policies and regulations, and a team of qualified and experienced professionals.

Providing a Full Range of Realistic Solutions

At Shilp Associates, we pledge to fulfill all our clients’ needs. We understand each project uniquely and use all of our technical expertise to evaluate all possible solutions. Our team is meticulous and is always updated with day-to-day changes in the market standards. Our efforts are always aimed at making sure we provide a one-stop solution by going back and forth with the client and authorities in order to bring the best outcomes for all our projects.

  • Establishing a strong client connect
  • Detailed analysis of the entire project including its history
  • Following a systematic and ethical approach
  • Offering practical solutions
  • Helping our clients to better understand the project and discuss further strategies

Nikhil Dikshit | Founder & CEO

Our Class-Leading Solutions

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Project Management Consultancy

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MHADA Housing Layouts

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Due Diligence

We aim at providing expert advice and becoming an inexhaustible source of architectural possibilities.

Here’s what makes us unique and different:

  • Working closely with various government authorities as consultants and panel architects
  • Follow-ups with respective department officers of government authorities on any changes, discrepancies, and interpretation of policies
  • Strongly engaged in policymaking and adherence to government regulations
  • Fair opinion on project feasibility and viability
  • A team full of qualified and well-trained professionals that provide expert solutions for all types of projects
  • Exploration of various rules and regulations to bring the best profits in a project to attract better offers
  • Deliverance of quality with full support on any technicalities with our clients.

Our Practical and modern architectural Designs

Our Esteemed Clients In Real Estate Services

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Our Esteemed Clients In Construction, Financial Services And Due Diligence

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We aim to Provide Expert Advice and Quality Service.

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We Offer Holistic Solutions

We use a holistic mindset to offer distinctive solutions to our clients. Our forte lies in tackling various aspects more realistically rather than building a space for just one purpose.

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Compliance With Rules & Regulations

Our end-to-end solutions include meeting obligations, seeking necessary permits, offering safety in design, and complying with building control codes and legislation.

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Deliverance of Quality-Oriented Approach

Offering top-notch, functional and sustainable architectural solutions is the mainstay of our organisation. Our integrated and unified approach ensures every space automatically becomes a work of art.