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About Shilp Associates

Project Management Consulting & Architectural Services at its Best!

Headquartered in Mumbai, Shilp Associates is an architectural firm with a unique approach to architectural design, valuation, engineering, and project management practices. We have Architectural services and Project Management Consulting with 40+ years of experience. It is committed to success through principal involvement and collaborative project teamwork. Founded by two architects, Mr. Vilas Dikshit and Mr. Nikhil Dikshit, Shilp associates is one of the leading architectural firms fortified by skilled professionals, following a team approach to produce distinctive design solutions with viable economic parameters for every project.

As a leading architectural firm, we take pride in working at multiple scales and with various organizations. Our expertise includes architectural services, turnkey solutions in interior design, and project management. We are also proficient consultants in the field of property development and redevelopment. Our team works towards creating customized solutions that cater to a variety of clients including societies, landlords, and developers. Offering a specialized approach for each service is our forte. Shilp Associates has also been appointed by the Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA) as consulting architects for some of its housing layouts in Mumbai.


Co-founder & Chief Mentor

Vilas Dikshit

With more than 44+ years of industry experience, Vilas Dikshit is the chief mentor of the Shilp Associates team. An architect by education, he is on the Grade-I panel of the Government of Maharashtra’s ‘Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA)’.Vilas has tremendous experience with the Department of Town Planning in the Mumbai City Survey and Land office and was instrumental in the policymaking with the Government of Maharashtra for the Shiv Shahi Rehabilitation Project in Mumbai. Vilas is an Associate, Council of Architecture (COA) as well as an Associate of ‘The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)’.

Co-founder & CEO

Nikhil Dikshit

A Civil Engineer by profession, Nikhil Dikshit is a partner at Shilp Associates and leads the operations with a team of 50 people including Architects, Civil Engineers, Draftsmen, Legal Advisors, Liasioners, Market Analysts, Project Co-ordinators and, Accountants. He has more than 25+ years of experience as a Civil Engineer & Town Planning Analyst . He is also an Associate of ‘The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)’. Nikhil is appointed on the elite panel of Government of Maharashtra’s ‘Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA)’ and ‘Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)’ as a Grade-I Architect and has been instrumental in some of the government’s policy making activities. Due to his expertise of the Government Housing Policies, Development Control Promotion Regulations (DCPR) and Unified Development Control Promotion Regulations (UDCPR), Shilp Associates is a part of majority of the projects by MNCs and large corporate firms.


Dr. Prajakta Dikshit – Shringarpure

With 15+ years of industry experience, Dr. Prajakta Dikshit – Shringarpure is a partner at Shilp Associates and is the principal Architect at our Pune Office. Dr. Prajakta has completed her Doctorate in Architecture as an urban researcher. She practises in Sustainable Designing Solutions for Architectural and Planning projects. Dr. Prajakta’s fundamental expertise and research include housing redevelopment and transport oriented urban development. She is registered under Council of Architecture and has national and international research publications. Dr. Prajakta contributes in the pedagogical field as a Faculty of Architecture too. 

Meet our Professional Team

At Shilp Associates, we believe that new insights can lead to specific innovative solutions. Making this a reality is our team of dynamic young professionals. Our multidisciplinary team comprises talented and experienced architects, architectural draftsmen, associate architects, site supervisors and interior designers from various backgrounds. 

From understanding the unique needs of every client to delivering top-notch solutions, our deadline conscious team works with you every step of the way, ensuring industry standards and compliances are strongly adhered to. Each team member is trained to follow an ethical and practical approach, and that definitely resonates in the work. 

Shilp Associates Directors

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Shilp Associates Team

“Shilp Associates has maintained a reputation of integrity throughout its 20 years. Having worked on an extensive and diverse portfolio, we understand the nitty-gritties that go into successful completion of every project. Our dynamic approach is a prime reason why our clients choose to continually do business with us.”

Nikhil Dikshit